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2018-2019 Midland College Catalog and Student Handbook (Official, Published May 4, 2018) 
2018-2019 Midland College Catalog and Student Handbook (Official, Published May 4, 2018)

Course Descriptions

Guide to Course Abbreviations

College-level Credit Courses

Courses numbered 1100-4399 are college-level credit courses. A credit course is a part of an approved educational program or major. The second number in the four-digit sequence represents the number of semester credit hours (SCH) awarded for a particular course. For example, COMM 1307 is a 3 semester credit hour course in Communication, and ACNT 2401 is a 4 semester credit hour course in Accounting.

Developmental Education Courses

Courses numbered 0100-0499 are offered for credit but do not count toward completion of a program or major. These are designed for students who score lower than college-level on English, Math, and Reading placement exams. For each student who fails to meet passing standards on placement exams, Midland College has established a program to advise the student and determine a plan regarding the sequence of development education courses necessary to assure the readiness of that student in performing freshman-level academic course work.

Course Descriptions

Numbers in parentheses identify the number of classroom and lab hours per week. For example, (3-2) indicates three hours in the classroom plus two hours in the lab.

When present, a third number indicates clinical, practicum or internship hours.


Welding Technology

   •  WLDG 2435 - Advanced Layout and Fabrication
   •  WLDG 2443 - Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
   •  WLDG 2447 - Advanced Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
   •  WLDG 2451 - Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
   •  WLDG 2453 - Advanced Pipe Welding

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