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  Jul 21, 2017
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2013-2014 Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Dean 176 MHAB 685-6830
Norma Duran, Division Secretary 176 MHAB 685-6830

For program information please call (432) 685-4657.


The Paralegal studies program prepares students for careers as assistants or aides in the legal profession. Upon completion of this curriculum, the paralegal graduate will qualify to work under the supervision of a lawyer. Specific areas of training include legal research and writing, case screening and evaluation, civil litigation, probate administration, office management, accounting, servicing and filing of legal documents, and preparation of legal forms.

Students have the option of either an Associate of Applied Science degree which consists of 61 semester credit hours and takes approximately two years to complete, or a Beginning Legal Technician Certificate which consists of 19 semester credit hours and takes approximately one year to complete. A graduate from an accredited college or university holding a baccalaureate degree may receive an AAS Degree upon successful completion of approximately thirty (30) semester hours of specialty courses and any appropriate leveling courses as determined by the Division Dean.


    Associate of Applied ScienceCertificate

    Summary of Certificates Offered

    In addition to the many degrees offered by Midland College, there are also many certificates that students have to choose from.

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