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  Jul 26, 2017
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2013-2014 Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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William G. Feeler, Dean
137 AFA 685-4626
Lula Lee, Division Secretary
141 AFA 685-4624
  Diane Allen 134 AFA 685-6458
  Brendan Egan 136 AFA 685-4638
  Pamela Howell 181 AFA 685-4628
  Terry Jolliffe 197 AFA 686-5568
  Glenda Lindsey-Hicks 177 TC 685-4627
  Laura McKenzie WRTTC (432) 336-7882
  Karen Pape 120 AFA 685-5595
  Mary Williams 144 AFA 685-4631

The courses listed below are suggested for students who wish to major in English and transfer to a four-year college.

The following is the suggested sequence of courses. A + denotes courses with a prerequisite or a co-requisite. However, courses that do not have a prerequisite do not have to be taken in order. For example, HIST 1301  does not have to be taken before HIST 1302  since HIST 1301 is not a prerequisite for HIST 1302 . Nevertheless, the general sequence should still be followed. Part-time students may require more than four semesters to complete their course work


    Pre-Major Transfer

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