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2018-2019 Midland College Catalog & Student Handbook 
2018-2019 Midland College Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Curriculum Pathway, Philosophy

Required Semester Credit Hours 15

Semester II

Required Semester Credit Hours 16

Semester III

Required Semester Credit Hours 14

Semester IV

Required Semester Credit Hours 15

Total Required Semester Credit Hours 60

* You will have more Core Options, please see your assigned Pathways Advisor

First time in college students will be required to take “Effective Learning” EDUC 1100


Approved Course Options for the Philosophy & Humanities Pathway

Creative Arts Core Options

Language, Philosophy and Culture Core Course Options

Life & Physical Sciences Core Options

Social & Behavioral Science Core Options

Foreign Language Options

*A placement test or pre-requisites may be required.  Please consult your assigned advisor.

Specific Pathway Elective (Philosophy)

  • ENGL 2322  - British Literature I  
  • ENGL 2323  - British Literature II  
  • ENGL 2327  - Survey of American Literature I  
  • ENGL 2328  - Survey of American Literature II   
  • ENGL 2332  - Masterpieces of the Western World I  
  • ENGL 2333  - Masterpieces of the Western World: II  

Social and Behavioral Science Major Elective

Any course within the following category:

  • ANTH
  • ECON
  • GEOG
  • GOVT
  • HIST
  • PSYC
  • SOCI

General Pathway Elective (Philosophy)

Consult with your Assigned Pathways Advisor to determine the best course for your educational goals.