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2012-2013 Catalog & Student Handbook 
2012-2013 Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Organizational Management, B.A.T.

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The Bachelor of Applied Technology in Organizational Management (BAT-OM) program is designed to broaden career opportunities for students and better their chances for promotion to supervisory positions within the workplace. The program provides a career ladder for students who have completed their Associates of Applied Science coursework requirements in areas related to Business, Health Care, Information Systems, Public Service and most technical trades. For a complete listing of approved A.A.S. degrees please refer to our website: www.midland.edu/bachelor. Degrees not listed may be considered on an individual basis.

Program objectives include developing leaders who can identify opportunities, demonstrate the ability to embrace change, take the initiative to apply new technologies and the courage to empower others in an organization to achieve greater positive results. The Organizational Management program also prepares students for positions as project managers, entrepreneurs, customer service managers, and other roles requiring an understanding of management operations in complex and challenging global economies.

The BAT-OM degree represents successful completion of a minimum of 120 semester credit hours (sch) , consisting of 30 sch of technical specialty credit awarded for completion of an approved AAS degree or equivalent, 42 sch of Core Curriculum as shown in the Core Curriculum Course List , and 48 sch of upper division courses including 36 sch of required courses covering common aspects of applied management, and 12 sch of specialty electives from the areas of public administration, banking, electronic commerce, entrepreneurship, international business, and the oil and gas industry.

Requirements for admission to the Organizational Management Program:

  1. general admission to Midland College;
  2. compliance with Texas Success Initiative requirements (TSI); and
  3. an approved (AAS) degree from a Texas college or equivalent.

Please visit our internet website at www.midland.edu/bachelor for complete information about admissions, or call Julia Vickery at Student Development Coordinator (432) 685-4704.

Students who have been admitted to the program and are within 15 sch of completing their AAS degrees may enroll in upper-division courses upon satisfactory completion of:

  1. ENGL 1301  and ENGL 1302 
  2. SPCH 1321  (may substitute any speech course from the general education requirements) and
  3. MATH 0372 or an equivalent score on a math placement examination.

All BAT-OM students are required to complete a proctored assessment of student readiness for Organizational Management courses with a score of at least 70% before credit will be given for any TMGT course. The instrument includes readiness for online learning in Blackboard, basic mathematic skills, and a library resource tutorial. The assessment may be repeated after remediation until passed. During remediation the student will need dean approval to register in subsequent TMGT courses.

Students may not enroll in more than 6 sch of upper-division courses before completing an AAS degree or equivalent. Successful completion of upper-division courses requires a grade of “C” or better.

Course Progression

The following is the suggested sequence of courses for the degree which must be completed within six years. TMGT 4320, TMGT 4385 and TMGT 4396 must be taken as senior classes.

Credit Hours: 12

Semester II

Credit Hours: 12

Semester III

Credit Hours: 12

Credit Hours: 12

Total Semester Credit Hours: 48

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