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2015-2016 Midland College Catalog 
2015-2016 Midland College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services & Resources

Advising Virtual College of Texas
Veterans Services Murray Fasken Learning Resource Center (LRC)
Career/Transfer Services Language Hub
Testing Free Tutoring
Services for Students with Disabilities TSI Preparation
Distance Learning Honor’s Classes


Midland College provides a professional staff to help students with academic, personal and career counseling/advising, financial aid, and international student advising.  Students who have TSI deficiencies are advised by counselor/advisors in consultation with developmental faculty prior to enrollment.

Academic advisement is provided regarding major and course selection, study habits, developmental work and transferring to other colleges or universities. Faculty cooperates with the counseling/advising staff in aiding students with academic issues. Degree plans should be arranged advisors as early as possible and may be modified at any time. Prior to the semester of graduation, students must have degree plans approved by the appropriate division office.

Personal/Social adjustment counseling is provided on a confidential basis regarding issues of life adjustments which many college students experience.

Please refer to the Advising website for more information.

Veterans Services

Students eligible for federal VA education benefits should contact the coordinator in the Midland College Financial Aid office. Hazlewood Act benefits are processed through the Financial Aid office. Some veterans may also qualify for certain residency exemptions. More information on these benefits and links to additional veteran information are available on the college website.

Referrals are provided regarding financial aid, tutoring, job placement, medical emergencies, or personal adjustment problems.

More information can be obtained on the Midland College website at

Career/Transfer Services

The Career/Transfer Center provides services for students, including job placement, career interest tests, work-study information, transfer resources, and select grant support services. Additional services include career related workshops resume writing, job search skills, and annual job fair. Computers are available for students to research career, transfer and job inquiries.

More information is available on the Career Center website.


The Testing Center, located in the Scharbauer Student Center, offers an array of testing services for students.  Tests administered include the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment, the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), math placement tests, make-up tests, proctored exams for distance learning and Virtual College of Texas (VCT) courses, and a number of professional certification tests.

More information is available on the Midland College website at

 Services for Students with Disabilities

Services for students with disabilities are provided by the Counselor/Disability Specialist located in the Scharbauer Student Center.  Medical documentation must be on file to qualify for services. Services include assistance with the registration process, technical assistance with modification of course requirements, and referral to other appropriate campus and community resources. Academic, career, and personal counseling are available upon request.

Students with disabilities are expected to notify the Counselor/Disability Specialist in advance regarding their need for services to allow arrangements to be in place at the beginning of each semester. Students who require sign language interpreters or materials from Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic are asked to contact the Counselor/Disability Specialist as early as possible because these accommodations may require additional time to implement. Assistance may include but is not limited to note takers, scribes, and transcriptions of tape recordings, tape recorders, alternative testing options, preferential seating or other appropriate accommodations. An ACCESS Lab designed for students with disabilities is available in the advising area of the Scharbauer Student Center.

A complete handbook for students with disabilities is available in the Scharbauer Student Center. Information, forms, and resources are available on the MC website.

Visit the Disability Services website for more information.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is a course delivery format in which the majority of the instruction occurs when students and instructors are not in the same place.

Midland College offers a variety of distance learning course formats including:

  • Online -Instruction occurs over the Internet. Proctoring may be required in some courses.
  • Hybrid-Instruction occurs in both the classroom and online environments.
  • Interactive video-Live (two-way, video/audio) instruction which occurs with the students and instructor in different locations.

Midland College utilizes a variety of methods to ensure that the student who registers in a distance learning course is the student who is participating, completing the work, and receiving credit, these include: secure login and password, proctored examinations, and other technologies.

Computer access and a reliable internet service are required for students who enroll in online, hybrid, and/or VCT courses.

Additional information is available on the Distance Learning website.

Virtual College of Texas

Midland College is a member of the Virtual College of Texas (VCT). With approval of the division dean, a Midland College student may enroll in an Internet course that is not offered at Midland College.  Students may view the schedule at Virtual College of Texas.  VCT enrollments must be made through the Midland College VCT Coordinator. 

Murray Fasken Learning Resource Center (LRC)

The LRC is a repository of books and bound journals, e-books, microforms, DVDs, videos, and CDs, and magazine, journal, and newspaper subscriptions that support the Midland College curricula. Multidisciplinary databases published by EBSCO, Gale, Bowker, CredoRef and others are available to students both on- and off-campus.  The LRC is a participant in TexShare programs for enhanced access to learning resources. Special subject collections include Health Sciences and Law.  Materials are available for checkout through current Midland College ID cards. Library holdings are described by an electronic catalog, enabling author, title, subject, and keyword searches. Labs in the LRC provide word processing and related software. The LRC’s web site provides extensive information and support. Included are library research tutorials, the library catalog of holdings, description of library policies and services and links to hundreds of recommended websites and databases for most academic subjects.

More information is available on the Midland College Library website.

Language Hub

The Language Hub is available to all MC students and Dual Credit students who need help with writing essays or working on research papers.  The Language Hub is located in the TC Annex, Room 182.  For more information, please visit the Language Hub website.

Free Tutoring

MC offers tutoring services to students who may be struggling with their course work.  A tutoring schedule is available on the Midland College website.

TSI Preparation

Students wishing to improve their TSI scores before enrolling in MC can sign up for free TSI Prep classes in the summer.  Please refer to the TSI website for information about summer prep classes.

Honor’s Classes

The Midland College Honors Program provides an enhanced creative and supportive learning environment and special recognition for talented students.  Please refer to the Honors Program website for more information.