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2011-2012 Catalog & Student Handbook 
2011-2012 Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Degrees, Certificates and Pre-Major Transfer Guides

Summary of Degrees Offered

Midland College offers six degrees: Bachelor of Applied Technology, Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Arts in General Studies, Associate of Science in General Studies, and Associate of Applied Science. The Bachelor of Applied Technology degree provides an advance course of study in Technology Management. The Associate of Arts or the Associate of Science is chosen from a regular course of study as listed in the catalog. These degrees are primarily for the first two years of a four-year degree. The Associate of Arts in General Studies or the Associate of Science in General Studies is selected when an individualized plan is needed. These degrees can also be used for the undecided major. The Associate of Applied Science is selected for a major in an occupational/technical field of study.

Degree Majors - The following presents the major fields of study available at Midland College. Information about specific courses in each of these areas is presented in the section of this catalog entitled Degree, Certificate, Pre-Major Transfer Guides and Course Descriptions.

Summary of Certificates Offered

In addition to the many degrees offered by Midland College, there are also many certificates that students have to choose from.

Guarantee Policy

Midland College guarantees to those who graduate with an Associate of Arts (AA) or an Associate of Science (AS) degree, or who have met the requirements of a 62 semester credit hour transfer plan, that their credits will transfer to those Texas colleges and universities who cooperate in the development of the course selection guides. If the transfer of any such courses is rejected, the student may take, tuition free, any alternative course at Midland College that is acceptable to the receiving institution. Certain special conditions apply.

Midland College also guarantees that its Associate of Applied Science (AAS) graduates and certificate completers have mastered exit competencies in certain technical job skills. If the employer of any such graduate judges those skills to be lacking, Midland College will provide the graduate with up to nine semester hours of additional training tuition free. Certain conditions apply.

Bachelor of Applied Technology

Associate of Science

Associate of Applied Science

Associate of Arts in Teaching

Pre-Major Transfer