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2016-2017 Midland College Catalog 
2016-2017 Midland College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Adult Education and Literacy

Adult Education English as a Second Language (ESL)
GED® ESL History & Government
GED® (High School Equivalency) Testing Transitions Class
  Test Prep Classes


Lynda Webb 206A HLGC Annex 685-6884
Karen Harris 206 HLGC Annex 685-4799
Division Secretary    
Yafei Blevins MHAB 161 685-6817
Adult Education and Literacy Secretary    
Blanca Licon MHAB 163 685-6818
  Adult Education and Literacy Director    
Luisa Nail Cogdell Learning Center 684-4100
  ESL Coordinator    

Adult Education

Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) offers a variety of programs to help adults increase their academic and workforce skills.  Students are provided with the opportunity to improve their skills in reading, math, science, social studies, language arts, and English. AEL classes are held at various locations including the main campus, Codgell Learning Center and at the WRTTC in Fort Stockton.  Midland College AELis also involved in community partnerships with MISD, MISD Even Start, Casa de Amigos and Midland Need to Read programs. Additional class sites and community partnerships are established as determined by needs and funding. There are no fees for any AEL program. An enrollment and orientation class is required before students enter the instructional classes. Individuals must be at least 17 years of age to enroll. Call the AEL Department at (432) 685-6819 for procedures and documentation requirements.

For more information, please visit the Midland College Adult Education website.


These classes are designed for persons who have not completed high school. Men and women study individual materials that are on their own level and progress at their own speed. Students preparing to take the GED® test are given instruction in reading, writing, math, social studies, and science through instructor-led, computer- assisted, and independent study. Some students need minimal preparation, while others may attend classes for a year or longer. Students are encouraged to take a section of the GED® test whenever they and the instructor feel the results will be positive. In order to receive a Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency, a student must pass all 4 tests with a combined score of 600 or higher, and with no one test scoring below 145. Successful completion of the GED® test may be necessary for job qualification, or it also may qualify the student for college or technical school admission. Call (432) 685-6819 for more information.

Please visit the GED® website for more information.

GED® (High School Equivalency) Testing

Midland College offers the GED® test for those who have not completed a formal high school education. The successful completion of the GED® test secures a certificate of high school equivalency and enables students to enter college and pursue a college degree.

The GED® test is administered in Room 182 of the Technical Center Annex. In order to receive a Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency, a student must pass all tests. Advance registration is required. Please contact the GED® Examiner at (432) 685-4718 for detailed information on fees and scheduling a test. 

Information can also be found on the Adult and Developmental Education page on the Midland College website.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL (English as a Second Language), refers to the study of English by non-native speakers. Classes provide students with the opportunity to improve their speaking, reading, writing and listening English language skills. These skills are taught in conjunction with life skills to help the student function fully in the community. Multiple levels of instruction are available. Call (432) 684-5323 for more ESL information.

Please visit the ESL website for more information.

ESL History & Government

This is an ESL class for Resident Legal Aliens who want immigration and naturalization information to prepare for United States citizenship. The focus of this class is American history and government. Resident aliens are prepared for United States citizenship with individualized academic instruction. Class size is limited and students wishing to participate must call the AEL office, at (432) 684-5323, for class information.

Transitions Class

This class is designed for persons who want to enter into a post-secondary technical training program, a certificate program or planning to take the TSI Assessment to enter Midland College. This class includes instruction in Math, reading and writing, goal-setting, college awareness and work readiness skills, and test taking skills. Students interested in these classes will go through an extensive orientation before they are enrolled into the program. Call the AEL Department at (432) 685-6819 for procedures and documentation requirements.

For more information, please visit the Midland College TSI website at

Test Prep Classes

These classes are offered in two week increments during the summer months and are designed for students who need to brush up on their test taking skills, math or reading/writing skills. Interested students should call (432) 685-4718, 685-6819 or visit the Test Prep Classes website for more information.