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2016-2017 Midland College Catalog 
2016-2017 Midland College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life

Student Activities Emergency Text Notification
Student Organizations Health and Wellness
Honors Program Child Care
Intramural Sports Bookstore
Student/CHAP ID Cards Motor Vehicles on Campus
Housing Commencement
  Parking Information

Student Activities

An important part of Midland College is its student activities program that includes social events, concerts, lectures, educational programs, intramural competition, and clubs. These activities serve to enrich the classroom experience.

Events vary from year to year; there are fall mixers to welcome new students, after-game parties, bowling, casino night, dances, and noon-time entertainment. Student activity calendars listing various special and regular events are published each month. Most special events and programs are available at no cost to students. Students are also admitted to all athletic events and activities with a Midland College student ID.

For more information, please visit the Student Life website.

Student Organizations

Midland College has a number of organizations that exist to enhance the quality of the student experience.  Registered student organizations must have a minimum of 10 currently enrolled students, a full-time faculty or staff member serving as advisor, a constitution and bylaws, and participation by the advisor and officers in Risk Management training.   Established organizations include:

  • Student Government Association
  • Students in Philanthropy
  • Ambassadors
  • Regents
  • Phi Theta Kappa

In addition to these established organizations, the college supports registered academic, service, special interest, and religious clubs and groups. 

Please visit the Student Organizations website for more information.

Honors Program

The Honors Program provides an enhanced, creative, and supportive learning environment and special recognition for talented students. The curriculum includes interdisciplinary humanities courses, special honors sections, and independent honors contracts in regular classes. These opportunities provide a flexible and individualized program designed to develop the special abilities and interests of the participants. Graduation as a “Midland College Scholar” is possible with 12 semester hours of honors credit including one humanities course, HUMA 1301  or HUMA 1302 . Students in the program who have fewer credits receive “Honors” designation on their transcripts.

Please visit the Honors Program website for more information

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports offer the opportunity for students to participate in their favorite sports during leisure time or during competitive tournaments.  Intramural activities include, flag football, basketball, sand volleyball, indoor soccer, tennis and other activities requested by students.  Midland College teams compete with other colleges and university teams in extramural events.  Currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff may participate in intramural activities. 

The Intramural Sports website contains more information.

Student/CHAP ID Cards

Students can obtain a CHAP identification (ID) card with one of the following:  valid driver’s license, state issued photo identification, or passport and a copy of the current semester paid receipt.  The CHAP ID card entitles students to free admission to athletic events, student government entertainment, intramural activities, fine arts programs, dances, movies, and videotape series.  The CHAP ID also provides identification in the Murray Fasken Learning Resource Center to enable the student to check out materials and use computer labs, and at the bookstore for scholarship identification.  ID cards may entitle the student to discounts at participating businesses.  CHAP ID cards can be obtained in the Scharbauer Student Center at the Enrollment Services counter.  Lost CHAP ID cards may be replaced for a $25 replacement fee.

The MC website contains more information about the Chap Card.


Midland College offers modern residence halls and family housing that provide an atmosphere for academic success and appropriate social activities for full-time students (enrolled in 12 or more semester credit hours). Students living in college housing are expected to behave responsibly, promote respect for the rights of others, follow all rules and regulations, support appropriate study opportunities, and enjoy a positive college experience. A full-time manager lives in each of the residence halls and a part-time manager lives in family housing, providing supervision and direction for students. Managers are responsible for the daily operation of housing, and they provide assistance to students in dealing with academic and personal issues.

For more information, please visit the Residence Halls website.

Emergency Text Notification

Midland College has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety to provide an emergency alert system capable of delivering messages to student Midland College and personal e-mail addresses and cell phones.  These messages will only be sent during emergency situations and/or when the school is closed or delayed due to weather-related conditions. The Community Relations Office, (432) 685-4555, may be contacted for assistance logging into the system and/or managing accounts.

Health and Wellness

Midland College provides a campus environment supportive of the development and maintenance of a healthy mind, body and spirit.  All currently enrolled students have free access to the college Fitness Center which houses a full range of fitness equipment.  The college does not provide health care services on-site but has an arrangement with a local health care facility for students who live on campus.  The Student Life Office provides information regarding health care services and insurance plans available to students. 

More information about Midland College’s Health and Wellness program is available on the MC website.

Child Care

Midland College operates child care centers on it main campus (Helen L. Greathouse Children’s Center) and (Midland College Children’s Center @ Manor Park) at Manor Park, Inc. at 2208 North Loop 250, Midland, Texas.  The HLG center provides high quality child care for children aged four months through five years and child care provider training. The MP center provides high quality child care for children aged 2 ½ through 5 years and child care provider training. Students are given priority access to child care at both sites.  Individuals interested in enrolling children in child care should contact the Director of HLG for scheduling and fee information at (432) 685-457 4, or for the MP center contact (432) 697-4581.


The college bookstore is operated for the convenience of students and faculty. Textbooks and classroom supplies are available on-site or online at

New textbooks, in new condition, (i.e. no writing, highlighting, or any damage which would prevent resale as a new book) as well as books purchased used, may be returned for a full refund, with a receipt, through the 5th day of class of a regular semester, the first three class days of a summer session, or the first two class days of a flex-entry course. Textbooks purchased after the above dates may be returned for a full refund within three days of purchase.

Motor Vehicles on Campus

Regulations related to the operation of vehicles on campus are established pursuant to VATS, Education Code section 51.202, to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of college business including parking. The college makes every effort to provide protection to vehicles parked on campus but cannot assume the responsibility for any loss. Operating a motor vehicle on the campus is a privilege and is conditional, in part, on complying with the following:

General Regulations

  • The person who registers a vehicle with the College obtains a non-transferable parking permit and is responsible for all parking violations.
  • Pedestrians are given the right of way at all times.
  • The maximum speed limit on campus streets is 20 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. The parking lot speed limit is 10 miles per hour. The campus is defined as all lands owned by the college.

These regulations apply to all college faculty, staff, students and visitors.

Vehicle Registration and Parking on Campus

  • In order to park a vehicle on campus, students, staff, and faculty must obtain vehicle registration permits at the MC Police Department located in the Scharbauer Student Center. Operation of a vehicle on campus without a permit is a violation of parking regulations.
  • Students are required to register motor vehicles at the time of registration or when they begin driving on campus. There is no additional charge for the permit.
  • Faculty and staff must register their vehicles on or before the day they begin driving a vehicle on campus.
  • Any person giving false information regarding vehicle registration is subject to disciplinary action.
  • Parking permits must be affixed to the inside of the windshield on the lower right side.
  • State law requires that vehicles have Texas registration and Texas Vehicle Inspection Certificates if the owners of the vehicles reside in Texas.

For additional information, please visit


Each spring, Midland College holds commencement to recognize those students who have completed degree and certificate programs during the course of the year. All students who have completed graduation requirements for an associate’s degree or a certificate of at least 24 hours, are encouraged to participate in the commencement ceremony in May. A student who has not completed all graduation requirements may participate in commencement if:

  1. he/she lacks nine semesters credit hours or less of required course-work;
  2. all non-course requirements for graduation have been met;

Exceptions may be made by the Vice President of Student Services.

Students who plan to participate in the May ceremony must apply for graduation by March 1.

Please visit for an online graduation application and more information about MC commencement.         

Parking Information

  • The College issues staff and student permits.
  • Parking spaces for staff are designated by signs at the end of every row and by yellow striping on the pavement. Only employees and visitors are allowed to park in those areas. Special parking areas, such as handicapped and fire zones, are indicated by signs.
  • The Administration parking lot (between Scharbauer Student Center and the Pevehouse Administration Building) is reserved for administration personnel and visitors, except during registration.
  • Students working on campus will be assigned student permits and must park in student parking.
  • Persons with physical handicaps who have been issued the state-authorized handicapped parking permits or license plates must obtain a college permit but may park in any handicapped parking area so long as the handicapped permit is displayed as required by state law.
  • Parking permits will be issued to allow parking of motorcycles in designated two-wheel areas. Permits must be permanently attached to the fork on the front of the motorcycle.
  • Replacement permits or additional permits are $1 each and are available from the Midland College police Department located in the Scharbauer Student Center.
  • Parking violations must be paid at the Cashier’s Office; unpaid fines will result in transcript and registration holds.

Parking Fines and Penalties

Unauthorized parking in handicapped space


Blocking traffic way


No permit


Student parked in employee zone


Parking where prohibited


Expired permit




After a student receives five tickets in any semester, the next violation will include the installation of a “boot” on his/her vehicle to immobilize the vehicle. There will be a charge of $50, in addition to the parking fine, for removal of the “boot”. Every subsequent violation by that student will result in the “boot” being applied to his/her vehicle and an additional $50 charge.

For more information, please visit the Parking and Transportation Services website.